Healthy and delicious meals made with local and organic produce, wild-caught fish, and organic grass-fed meat and poultry - at your doorstep.


Let us do the legwork

Make your day a little easier with delicious meals delivered to your home.  Our food is flavorful and interesting without being complicated. We're a small scale operation and care about our clients - menus are custom designed and tailored to individual dietary needs.

Meals arrive ready to warm up and enjoy right away or refrigerate or freeze and savor later.


menus just for you

Take the work out of adhering to special diets without sacrificing flavor. We'll work with you to build a meal plan suited to your tastes, health goals, and budget, including:

  • Vegan / Vegetarian
  • Gluten / Dairy Free
  • Paleo / Weight Loss / Weight Gain
  • Anti Inflammatory / Allergy
  • Low Sodium / Illness Recovery

Send us a note and learn more.