Mullein and Sparrow Rose Bath Salts

Sophisticated and elegant, the timeless Rose has been utilized as an ingredient in beauty treatments for centuries. Known for its properties to strengthen and open the heart, organic essential rose oil combined with red rose petals provides a heart expansive experience of self-pampering while mineral-rich salt crystals replenish vital nutrients and draw toxins from the skin.

Baudelaire Natural Sponge

Slip into the bath and start soaping yourself with a natural sea sponge, and you'll understand why it's a perfect bathing accessory. Natural sponges produce extraordinary lather and cleanse most excellently. Wool sponges are the traditional soft, sensual, luxurious bath sponge used since the heyday of the Roman Empire by bathing aficionados.

elizabethW  Eye Pillow

elizabethW stress relieving eye pillows made of silk and filled with flax seed and lavender. These pillows are perfectly weighted for gentle relaxation. Use for meditation or yoga. Place over the eyes while lying on your back. The flax seed conforms to your silhouette.

Le Fue Ivoire Candle translates to the "Fire of Ivory"  

Patchouli + Amber,  Patchouli / Amber / Musk / Vetiver, handmade, soy wax filling, natural fragrance.